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Heartburn vs Heart Attack Symptom

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

What if you're someone who experiences heartburn on the regular, how do you differentiate that from a heart attack symptom?

You just think, oh gosh, I hate one of my trigger foods or I drank one of my trigger foods and that's what's happening here. When in fact, it might be something much more severe.

True and that's, you know, sometimes it's really difficult even you know, when we have all, we have to do all those tests and procedures to be 100% sure, but generally, this is, again, this is a general idea is that with the reflux, it happened after you eat something. You had your food and especially if you eat something spicy, something citrus, and that kind of thing triggers the symptoms usually quickly improve after using Maylocks or Toms or anti-acid. The symptoms improve. If you lie down, you kind of feel it, you sit up, it's better. But the heart issue, generally, those reflux symptoms or symptoms happen when you're physically active or emotionally stressed. So, it's not just physical activity but emotional stress that can also bring up the symptoms of heart disease. So, that would be, I would say the setup and how in what situation the symptoms happen will be helpful to know if this is more a GI problem or this is a

heart problem. But as I said sometimes we need to do tests such as a stress test or other steps to make sure that this is for example a heart issue or more problems at this time.

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